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Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel
Feature: Rust Resistant
Weight: 1.17 kg
Unit Count: 1 pack (24 pieces)

SKU: utensil-8 Category:

– This silverware set is made of high quality stainless steel which is very durable, corrosion resistant, nickel free and will not produce residues or odors like other materials.
– Meanwhile, its sturdiness ensures that it will not bend easily providing you with long – term use. Most importantly, they’re DISHWASHER SAFE.
– Highly mirror polished, smooth edges, comfortable handle.
– Our flatware set is designed to add more elegance and classical to your table naturally matches well with your existing flatware to elevate everyday meals into a fine dining experience.
– Product Dimensions: 27.71 x 11.10 x 5.51 cm


  1. Olivia Figueras

    Bought 2 sets of these so I could officially become old and have an actual matching set of cutlery xDIt’s been a week, and I (as well as some guests who may be buying some themselves) and my girlfriend are very satisfied with the product!Pros: I really like the length of the silverware. They feel strong too, not like cheaper quality ones that bend easily.Cons: Only one I could think of is the drastic size difference in the spoons. Smaller one should be bigger and vice versa.I highly recommend these. This is an honest review without bias. I just kept getting those annoying emails nagging me to review their product T.T It worked guys! Stop emailing me now please!! ^.^

  2. SilentSuspension

    This is a really nice flatware set for the price. While looking for flatware – i had a some criteria that it had to fit.1) it had to be cheap.2) it had to be stainless steel3) dishwasher safeso on my first criteria – this set blew the competition out of the water. i purchased this set for under 12 bucks when most flatware sets are 20 plus! this was a stealon the second, it is stainless steel it has a good weight to them and they are shiny.And on the last – i have put the set through the dishwasher multiple times now and every time they come out clean and looking like new.Trust me this is a great set for the price! It even has a little classy look to it with the beautiful design.

  3. Sam B.

    these have been great so far! no issues. the smaller forks and spoons have actually been perfect for the toddlers!UPDATE:we have had these for 8 months with no issues. They have held up with the abuse of toddlers and dishwashers and garbage disposals (we’re rough around here). The toddlers love using the smaller forks and spoons and feel so “grown up” now that we don’t force them to use the plastic utensils any more. We are very happy with this purchase and will probably order more when the youngest is ready for metal utensils!

  4. Kagney Kellam

    I am very pleased with this set! Better than I expected for the part they are very sturdy, heavy duty & durable; Perfect size forks & spoons, you won’t find any better at this price Great buy!

  5. Emily Solis

    Great addition to our kitchen

  6. Brenda

    I like the appearance and the feel of them in your hands. Washing is easy as any other silverware. The handles don’t dig into your hands as you use them.

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