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Material: Aluminum, Ceramic
Color: Blue
Special Feature: Non Stick, Electric Stovetop Compatible
Size: 31.98 x 27.99 x 7.97 cm
Weight: 0.98 kg.

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– The special-designed stylish gradient blue color makes a bold style statement, aesthetically pleasing to look at.
– Silicon-sealed lid & knob seal in heat and moisture more efficiently, helping retain the flavor & nutrition of the food.
– Ergonomic handle with hand wrapped with silicon design, heat resistant, easy to hold, and anti-wrap, creating a comfortable grip to hold and stay cool while cooking on the stove.
– Our frying pan with lid is designed for all cooktops, including the highly efficient electromagnetic induction system, gas, ceramic and electric.
– Product Dimensions: 31.98 x 27.99 x 7.97 cm, 0.98 kg.


  1. Brisket

    My favorite skillet. Doesn’t warp and has very even heat. Lid has soft tight fit. 5 star all the way !

  2. Christine

    Cooks very well but more than that it so easy to clean food off this pan, almost nothing sticks.

  3. Cal Robert

    The heat is not even along the entire bottom of pan, which is expected I guess. The outer part where there are no coils is much less, HOWEVER…. I fried chicken, in 1″ of oil, and it performed very nicely. I had to move the chicken around a few times, the ones in middle browned quicker. So as long as your moving things around it’s fine, but I know some people would not like this. It’s not the pan’s fault though, it’s the size of coils in your induction stove that makes the difference. The pan is very nice, and I love the lid.

  4. Lynette Ewald

    These pans are the best ever. They work great on my induction stove. They are beautifully perfect. Follow the directions clean them well after, don’t use metal in them and you will have a long lasting set of pans. The only thing I wish was They made sauce pans.

  5. JoltenJoey

    I find myself grabbing this pan most of the time, it’s 100% non-stick and has decent heat distribution.

  6. benjiibenjii

    This pan really exceeded my expectations, even though it is a little bigger than I expected but you get used to it, the design and materials look and feel top quality, it is a delight to cook in this pan and know that nothing will stick 10/10 

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